The Team
Car Owner
Amber Blanton
Car Chief
Marc Lundgren
The Driver
Daren Blanton
Wife, Amber
Children, Kayla
Racing is not only my job, it's my hobby. I've been racing for 12 years, as a crew member, as a
driver, as a car owner, and in race car part sales. My goal for 2008 is to run the entire point
season. My last full point season (1999) I finished 3rd in points at Mesa Marin Raceway.
I look forward to the challenge that a new track offers and the chance to get back in a car I know
and have had good expirence with.
36 years old
The Car
1977 Chevy Nova
350 Chevrolet Spec Motor
Automatic Transmission
Melos Gas and Gear Street Stock
The Crew
Jim & Barbara Hooker, Debbie Lundgren