Personal News
My spot for history related to myself and my weather equipment.
9/19/06 The first meeting of the national weather association. (Kern Chapter)

9/26/06 Purchased my Davis Instruments weather equipment.

10/1/06 Installed my new weather equipment.

10/4/06 Installed weather software. First measurements recorded.

10/10/06 Purchased the web address Weatherfive.com and started
experimenting with my new site.

10/29/06 Thank you Big Jim for the donated computer! With a few
repairs and transferred software Weatherfive is up and
running 24-7

11/15/06 Updated Website. New pages and information. More to come!

11/16/06 Joined the Citizen Weather Observer Program. ID# CW6825

12/03/06 Due to dead batteries I have lost all weather data from 11:59pm
on Saturday the 2nd until the problem was discovered at 12:45 pm on
Sunday the 3rd. Of course this had to happen during one of the best wind
events we have had in some time. I missed all the data.

12/08/06 While cleaning my rain gauge this evening I accidently tripped the
sensor. So I am showing .01 as of about 6pm. I was able to fix the text data but
I have not yet found a way to correct the set of data that uploads to the
internet. I guess I am still learning

1/23/07 Instead of weather i've been bird watching. Looking for a stork to be
exact. My wife delivered our first child Sunday
the 21st at 2am. Kayla Nicole. For the near future I may be a little busy helping
my wife, and getting the hang of being a new father.

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