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Racing News & Updates
Racing News & Updates
Sponsorship can be a way to advertise to a captive group of people.
Nascar fans will see your sponsorship several times each race. These fans
also tend to be very loyal to the sponsors they see.

Sponsorship can be used as a marketing tool.
Use the car and or the driver for your functions or advertising.

Sponsorship can be just for the simple fun of being part of a team and
having a car to cheer for.
Ever wonder what it's like to see the race from
the pits? If you're a sponsor,your part of the team, we can get you in.

Remember even the smallest sponsors help our team. If you are interested,
please look over the information contained in the tabs on the left.
We want to work with you. Our ability to do this is enhanced by the help we
receive from you.
Thank you!